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So. Long overdue fic for dracomaleficium's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I HAD NO CLUE WHAT TO WRITE FOR YOU! So here is an unnecessarily long, probably boring, awkward Zukka story. I'm not sure why but I wanted to try writing them. I used to be neutral on them together, but after doing lots of... um... research for this fic I'm kind of a Zuko/Sokka shipper. Just a little.
But anyway, I hope you like this, not totally sure if it's up your alley or not but I HOPE SO, next time I think I'll just ask for a prompt or something so I don't have to write so blindly. :D

Rating: R for some sex moments
Word Count: ~6,000 oh jeez I don't know why it's so long
Characters: Zuko, Sokka, some poor jackalopes
Summary: Zuko tags along with Sokka on a hunting trip, and they have some male bonding and cliche fanfic moments. Set when the gaang is at the Western Air Temple.
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....Oh hey 4 am, it's been a while!

Zukaang Week Day Three: Scarlet and Gold

It only took two days for me to fall behind! Well, shit. I think I should be able to catch up tomorrow. Or maybe today. This story was much easier for me to write than the first two. Maybe I'm getting less rusty?
Pretty obscure prompt usage, again, and hopefully the ending isn't too cheesy, haha.

Word Count: ~1600
Rating: PG-13 for implied sex
Characters: Zuko/Aang, some hastily thought up Fire Nation OCs
Summary: Aang sneaks into Zuko's window at midnight. It's pretty romantic, until Aang stubs his toe on a chair.

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Zukaang Week Day Two: Impossible Odds

God, this story is just a mess. It's what I get for waiting until 9:30PM to start, and trying to watch Supernatural while I'm writing.
I thought I was going to do something tackling the issue of Aang and Zuko needing offspring, but dracomaleficium did such an awesome job with her story that I don't think there would be much I could bring to the table. I had another idea (sort of) that I wanted to do, anyway, so I tried that. Pretty obscure usage of the prompt, especially because I didn't really finish out my idea, but oh well.

Word Count: ~1800
Rating: G
Characters: Onesided Aang/Zuko
Summary: Aang comes to a realization while training with Zuko.

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Sorry, I need to sleep now. D:

Zukaang Week Day One: Dragons

Okay, yeah, I'm super late with this one.  Everyone else seems to have their shit together.  BUT, it is 11:45 pm my time right now, so technically I am still on time.
I've been really frustrated with writing lately, I hope this is still enjoyable to read.  I did miss writing Zukaang, though, and I'm excited for the week!  Even if I only have a day to write each piece!So here is my lame contribution to day one of Zukaang week.

Word Count: ~1200
Rating: PG
Characters: Zuko/Aang
Summary: Aang thinks the Fire Nation needs some fun, so he and Zuko throw it a dragon festival.  Set shortly after the series.

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Closer: A:tLA

Series: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Word Count: ~6,500
Rating: R
Characters: Jet/Zuko
Summary: When the Dai Li come to arrest Jet for his Fire Nation rantings, Iroh saves him and Jet goes free. Later, Jet ends up with a job at the tea shop and kind of drives Zuko crazy.
Warnings: Semi-explicit sex.
A/N: Written for jin_fenghuang in the ridingthedragon exchange. I re-edited it and expanded it a little since it was posted there. My first time writing Jetko, and one of my longest oneshots ever! I had fun with this, and I'm glad it got me to write something because I feel like I've had writer's block for months. I realized today how little I've been posting here lately. Hopefully I can fix that, and be more productive.
Oh yeah, and after I wrote this I realized that the canon spelling of 'Li' is actually 'Lee', and I was gonna change it, but... I just don't really feel like it! So if that bothers you, I'm sorry.

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Merry Christmas to Akita

Phew!  Christmas is nearly here.  I just wanted to write a little something for one of my dearest friends, akitamonster. She is also a Zuko/Aang fangirl so I wanted to make her a cute ficlet. Um, I don't really think there's enough Zukaang in this... I'm really off my writing game with everything that's going in my life right now. It's just some cheesy post-serious stuff, and I know it's kind of short and pointless. My plan is to add on to this later, I have some plans for it.
But Akita, I hope you enjoy it regardless, and Merry Christmas. <3

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Drabble Meme

Drabble meme.

01. Give me a pairing that I like, or at least have some knowledge of.

02. Give me something to start from; A single word, a sentence, a thought, totally random or well thought, incoherent or insightful. Then I'll write a drabble of around 100-200 words however much I feel like  according to your wishes. The level of incoherency might vary, no high-class literature guarantee.

03. Offer your own friends a chance to request drabbles. If you wish, you don't have to feel obliged.

Is it bad that I think I've posted more entries about random things than actual fic? When this is my writing journal? Oh well.
I feel like doing something different like this, so don't be shy, hit me with some pairings! Doesn't have to be romantic pairings. If you need to, you can look at my profile for some more idea of what fandoms I'm into. I'm not too picky as to what pairing I write.


Dodging Lessons: A:tLA

Series: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Word Count: ~1400
Rating: PG
Characters: light Zuko/Aang
Summary: Zuko asks Aang for a fighting lesson. Written for 7snogs for the prompt 'belt'.
Warnings: Fluff, it's kinda corny
A/N:  Okay, totally not sure if I want to actually post this thing.  I think the only reason I'm doing it is because I kind of worked on it for a while... as in, I finished it over a span of a few days rather than one or two.  I still don't really like it, but I thought it was a cute idea.  I also felt like trying to write in present tense, though now I don't remember why I wanted to and I kind of regret my decision.  Anyway.  Main reason I'm posting this is because I'd really like some crit on it.  Seriously, you are not going to hurt my feelings, do not go easy on me.  I want to figure out why I don't like this story, when I liked the idea so much.  :D

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FMA Secret Santa

Blahh, I've been meaning to write a bunch of things for my past few weekends, but... I've just felt lazy and uninspired.  Mostly just lazy.  Someday I'll be more productive.
But anyway, today I made a little community for the holidays.  fma_santa is a fic exchange where you get assigned someone to write a fic of at least 1,500 words for.  I love making gifts for people, so I thought this would be fun!  If you think you'll enjoy it, go check it out!  c:

Sign ups close November 30th, so I'll be pimping this out to various communities.  Sorry if it gets repetitive! 


Put it on My Tab: FMA

Series: FMA
Word Count: ~2200
Rating: PG
Characters: Roy/Ed, little bit of onesided Ed/Winry
Summary: Written for catw00man in fmagiftexchange. Prompt was 'Roy/Ed post either anime - something about dancing around an attraction for years and finally doing something about it.'
Warnings: None really.
A/N: Good God I am terrible at coming up with titles. Thanks again to insanitystorm for beta-ing.

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